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TheHairStyler: Products & Services

Ever had a bad haircut and styling and had to wait for it to grow out?  Don't have the money to pay for a professional stylist to consult on your hair?  Want to try out some new looks?  All of these options are possible with The Hair Styler.  Using a facial portrait, this company lets its customers try out over 6,000 hairstyles, over 50 colors and over 35 highlights.  Each week, new hairstyles are added to review.  The site also include instructions on how to maintain and create many of the hairstyles shown.  Customers pay a small monthly fee for total access to the service or they can create an account and explore some options of the services provided for free.  The company includes styles for men, women and children to try out.  Final styles and colors can be printed out and take to a stylist for guidance on your cut.

TheHairStyler: Company Background

The company began providing this product on the internet in 2000 after several years of practice attempts.  This is the brainchild of several professional stylists.  The company is located in Morebank, NSW, Australia but provides the website to many international countries.  Hairstyles chosen to be on the website come from many different locations as do the stylists who consult on the website with customers.

TheHairStyler: Customer Feedback & Reviews

For whatever reason, comments from customers not on the website are rare.  Here are several I located:

  • I uploaded my own photo and it was super fun putting different hair styles on. It motivates me to grow my hair out longer because I look pretty good with long hair but keep cutting it shorter because it annoys me and gets in the way.
  • The benefits of becoming a member are: you can view over 7,000 different hairstyles, upload your own photo as many times as you want, you will receive advice for your hairstyle based on your personal preferences, you can join the forums and you will receive newsletter.

I am also including several that are found on the website of the company itself.  All of the reviews are very positive.

Kylie - UK

I've had long straight hair for more than 20 years and this website gave me the confidence to go for a complete change. Thanks.

Betty - New Zealand

Had great fun trying different looks and colours. This website has been really helpful... I have successfully gone from dying my hair black to blonde. I wouldn't have done it without being able to get an idea of how I would look first... Thanks! :)

Laura from Mexico City - Mexico 

Fabulous website! I have had so much fun today here in Mexico (instead of working, I have decided on options for a new change .... oh well, still very important!). My hair is very dark. I am considering something like doing foiling. The Yasmine Bleeth example probably does a fine job of illustrating this to me. Thanks a bunch for your great work!

TheHairStyler: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

This company has been featured in Vogue and the Wall Street Journal.  It also is regularly featured on a variety of television shows including talk shows and business channels.  The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.  The site is becoming quite popular on an international level.

TheHairStyler: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

This site is quite popular. shows the website to be about the 11,000th most popular site in the United States and about the 24,000th in the world.  The site has over 900 other websites that link into The Hair Stylist.  It has the highest use in the cities of Faisalabad, Pakistan and Pittsburgh.  Over 80% of the users are female and they are most heavily used in the under 24 age group.  Almost 40% of their traffic comes from search engines. shows that the company averages about 340,000 visits per day and is the most popular website in the United States in this type of industry.  Google's Page Ranking Tool places the site at 4/10.

TheHairStyler: Social Media Presence

The Hair Styler has a busy webpage on Facebook with over 12,000 members.  There are daily beauty tips added to this page.  On Twitter, the company has a very active webpage with over 1700 followers.  That page can be reached here.  There are also four or more active blogs on the company's website at any one time that update subscribers about the industry.  Over all, the company has a good presence on social media.  However, these are not listed on the company's website for some reason.

TheHairStyler: Website Security & Safety

The Hair Styler uses Thawte to secure its internet transactions.  Payments are only accepted from Visa, Mastercard or Paypal who also use their own security system.  The company does not automatically renew memberships so no payment information is held by the company.  The company does share some data and statistics about its member's hair choices with several other companies for analysis.  A member can opt out of participating during the membership sign up process.

TheHairStyler: Pricing & Packages

Pricing is fairly straight forward and depends on the length of membership that is signed up for. Here are the prices:

One Year membership:  $19.95

After the One year membership, the following options are available for members who choose to renew:

  • One month:  $4.95
  • Three months:  $9.95
  • One Year:  $12.95

The charges $19.95 per year and automatically renews membership.  Other sites did not offer the same benefits as The Hair Styler does.  Pricing of The Hair Styler seems economical especially if it saves salon charges and haircut mistakes.  Several hair styles sites actually direct customers to The Hair Styler to try out new hairdos.

TheHairStyler: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping involved in using The Hair Styler.  This company does not sell any beauty products.  Instead it furnishes on automated systems to view makeup and hair changes over the internet.  A user must have internet access to use this site for its intended purpose.  This site reaches most countries that use the internet.

TheHairStyler: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods for The Hair Styler are fairly simple.  There are only three options.  These are Visa and Mastercard credit cards or by use of Paypal.  The company does not accept partial payments for memberships since a membership is under $20.  The company does not accept personal checks, money orders or cashier's checks.

TheHairStyler: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Hair Styler offers a full refund of its premium membership if it is applied for to customer service within seven days of purchase.  After this initial period, the company does not offer any refunds.  If there is a problem with service on the part of the company, additional months of service will be offered as recompense.  Other issues can be referred to customer service for consultation.

TheHairStyler: Product images & screenshots
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Comments (1) this website is amazing , very good website

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